Smart Gnome Control

Smart Gnome Control

Smart Gnome Control is a graphical user interface to multiple communications receivers via the Hamlib library. The specific purpose is to let you control your communications receiver from a personal computer, and to simplify the hobby of shortwave radio listening. The Smart Gnome Control interface is designed to automatically reconfigure according to the known capabilities of your receiver. It is also designed to provide database-driven tuning, memory and logging capabilities, based on FineWare's (discontinued) Smart Control series of receiver control packages for Windows. The Smart Gnome Control interface is written for Linux and Cygwin in GNU C/C++, using Glade, Gdk/Gtk+ and Gnome widgets. It also requires version 1.2.2 of Hamlib.

Smart Gnome Control requires:
Hamlib 1.2.2
gtk+ 1.2 (not 2.0)
gnome 1.4 (not 2.0)
gdk-pixbuf 0.8 or later
GConf 1.0.4 or later (not 2.0)
These packages (except Hamlib) are included in every modern non-specialized Linux distribution. You will also need the so-called development files of each package which include the header files and static libraries. Hamlib may be obtained via the SourceForge repositories.

Smart Gnome Control is only available via the Smart Gnome Control SourceForge project page

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